Five reasons to choose Barrel of Laughs

Barrel of Laughs is a small business run by Ben and Louella. Their marquee aims to provide a successful and unique event experience for their clients that will bring smiles to all those involved. They want to create an experience that every client enjoys and an experience that continues to bring a smile to their face for years after.

If that isn’t enough to make you choose Barrel of Laughs then read on for five reasons why you should.


In recent years there has been a significant increase in DIY outdoor events. Weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties and many more events have all become increasingly more popular to DIY. For some this adds a personal stamp to the occasion and a temporary structure can turn almost anywhere into a location. So with such a strong competition what makes Barrel of Laughs stand out from all the rest?


Barrel of Laughs is completely unique! You might have seen a variety of quirky and equally lovely temporary structures that are now available on the market. However, there is only one Barrel of Laughs. Working alongside our team, we can guarantee that Barrel of Laughs will make your event stand out from all the rest and Ben and Louella will make it personal and truly memorable for you.


Unlike lots of temporary structures, Barrel of Laughs  unique marquee, venue can be constructed on any terrain. As long as the ground is flat then the barrel can be constructed in your back garden, on the street or even a car park. This makes the Barrel a perfect marquee for every kind of event. We can provide a rustic style wedding venue, a performance venue for your festival or a romping pop-up bar for your street fair. Barrel of Laughs is the perfect marquee for them all and so much more!


When booking a DIY temporary structure, you find yourselves bombarded with extra costs everywhere you turn. You pay for the walls, the flooring and all the lights. Then you have to find another company that has tables and chairs and another company to decorate, run a bar and the list can go on. Barrel of Laughs offers a system that enables you to be part of the details but alleviates some of the stress. The unique marquee comes with a simple flooring and lights. For a small extra cost we can illuminate the whole venue with an array of atmospheric lights. Decorate the venue with a variety of colours chosen by you, to suit the theme of your event and even personalise the shadow puppet screens in the bar.

We also have a reliable company that we use for the hire of furniture for events, including dance floors. We aim to work with you to make your event as stress-free but as fabulous as we possibly can. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for any special requests.


Our pop-up bar is unlike any other mobile bar that we have seen. Seven metres of solid oak, whiskey barrels make up the full bar. Don’t worry- if your event doesn’t call for such a large bar then we can reduce the length of the bar. No event is too small or too big! Due to the size of our bar, our confident, experienced and charismatic bar staff won’t leave your guests waiting long for a drink. Six of the barrels have unique windows that are hidden away by quaint velvet curtains. These can remain closed or be opened to reveal shadow puppet effect screens. These screens can be personalised with a variety of themes. If you prefer you can choose to keep the Barrel of Laughs faces in the barrels. We can guarantee that our one of a kind bar will make your event stand out from all the rest.


Do you have a favourite drink? Are you looking for a particular type of bar? Do not worry- we have got you covered! We work closely with our suppliers to try and cater for every kind of drink that you would like at your event. If you have any special requests please do not hesitate to contact us. We can even source local alcohol if you want something a little closer to home.

If you are having a themed event or simply just love your favourite drink, we can also tailor the bar to suit your needs. We are a dab hand at concocting cocktails, serving ciders, preparing pimms and so much more!



If you have any questions regarding Barrel of Laughs then please do get in touch. Drop us an email Рinfo@barreloflaughs.co.uk or visit our facebook page. 


For more information about Ben and Louella visit the about us page.



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