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Why choose our rustic, one of a kind bar for your event?

Picture this…You are organising an event. It could be your birthday, your wedding, a fundraiser, a festival, the possibilities are endless. (Okay so the possibilities aren’t endless but there are definitely a lot!) You have already organised the venue/location, you have the decorations, the music, that is all sorted. However, you are missing the perfect bar. You are after something that will make your party stand out from all the rest. You would like an attractive bar, rustic and one that will add character to your event. You may have a demographic that spans from 0-90, you may be catering for friends and family, old and young or perhaps you are aiming your event at your closest friends.  You know Toby likes cider, Lisa likes Gin, what about Tess? Well she likes espresso martinis and Dan likes to drink ale… 

How are you going to cater for them all? 

You need Barrel of Laughs!

When you contact us requesting a quote you start removing the stress of finding the perfect bar for your event. Not only can we cater for a variety of different sized events (2-7 metres of bar will help with that) but you also have the help of Louella and Ben who have experience in running bars all over the world. 

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Barrel of Laughs pop-up mobile bar
Barrel of Laughs inside rustic barrel bar

So whether its a selection of gorgeous gins, pulling the perfect pint, concocting cocktails or serving soft drinks we’ve got you covered. Whatever type of bar you choose we want it to be perfect for you. We don’t bump up our hire costs because you would like something a little more specialised and when it comes to the price of our drinks we like to think we are fair. 

Depending on the size of your event we may need to bring more staff with us- not to worry! We have a team of fantastic staff that are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and confident. No matter what the event, where or when, you will always have Louella and/or Ben serving too. 

We may be a little biased but we think our barrel bar is rustic and gorgeous. It has a charm like no other pop up bar we have seen and can add a really special element to your special occasion.

Our one of kind, puppet effect screens can be tailored to the theme of your event too. Hidden away by quaint, velvet curtains by day and silhouette shadows revealed by night. If you have an idea to personalise these, we would love to hear it!

We pride ourselves on the unique, professional and personalised experience that we offer.

Barrel of Laughs pop-up mobile bar
Barrel of Laughs pop-up mobile bar

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