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Ben & Louella met in 2012 and bonded over a love for adventure and a passion for travel. In those first few years they adventured around the UK and had the pleasure of working the festival circuit over the summer seasons. Since then, they have traveled far and wide across the world seeking new experiences and thrills. From camping in New Zealand, sunbathing on the sunny shores of the Caribbean, sky diving in Australia and island life in Asia.

Whilst travelling they both had the experience of working in bar’s and venue’s alike. Learning new skills and immersing themselves in different cultures. One brilliant, summers day, whilst at the beach in Australia, a single idea began the Barrel of Laughs dream. To create a business that included their joint love of travel, hosting events and their experience of working in hospitality. A year after returning home from their longest trip away, Barrel of Laughs was born.



About BEN

Growing up in the forest of dean, Ben had a childhood filled with adventures in the woods. After school he saved up and left for his first adventure in Australia. The travel bug had caught hold of him and there was so much of the

world to see. He climbed Machu Picchu, traveled over the salt flats in Bolivia, ran a cocktail bar in the Marlborough Sounds and served thousands of people as a bar man at Glastonbury Festival. Learning skills and knowledge on the way that would eventually lead him to Barrel of Laughs. When Ben isn’t focused on Barrel of Laughs he still enjoys travelling, his latest trip was to Nepal where he walked up to Everest Base Camp, as well as hobbies such as Krav Maga and archery.





Also growing up in the Forest of Dean, Louella’s travelling began at 13 when she moved to Catalonia, Spain with her family. After a few years of living in a hand built yurt, Louella headed home to England to pursue a love for the creative arts. After school Louella met Ben and they began their adventure together. A love for the outdoors and a desire for new experiences, lead her around the world and helped her gather the skills and aptitude to develop Barrel of Laughs at Ben’s side.  In her spare time, Louella still enjoys being creative with a passion for modelling and painting portraiture.


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